m-gonzaga-barry-loreto“Migrating Habits” – The History of Loreto in Australia. 8 minutes. The story of the departure of 10 nuns and lay people from Rathfamam in Ireland to the goldfields of Ballarat in Australia is both brave and intriguing – a journey of epic proportions that was undertaken by a group of impassioned women fuelled by faith and love. In line with the philosophy of Mary Ward the 17th Century founder of Loreto that “women in time to come will do great matters”.

Mother Gonzaga Barry’s journals of the sea voyage gives a powerful incite into a moment in time. A journey that would be difficult at best and provides rich and evocative viewing.

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giddy-beads-karry-mcmullan-films“Puuya Kuntha” (Strong Heart)” 55 minutes. Is a documentary currently in Post Production about the lives of some Indigenous Elders in Lockhart River, Cape York, Far North Queensland. Over the past 18 months we have been filming this project. Originally there were 5 tribes in the area, now there are only a small hand full of survivors of some of those tribes carrying on the cultural practices, with some of them being the last person left to speak a language or make cultural items such as baskets. The Film was produced in conjunction with Robbi Neal from the Lockhart River Arts Centre and supported by the Regional Arts Fund, Felicity Jack, Queensland Arts Council and David Brown Films.

SidebySide-karen-mcmullin-films“Side by Side”62 minutes. Over a lifetime, each individual develops an important identity within the community in which they live. The decision to move to residential aged care should add another dimension to that identity. All too often, elders in our community feel that they must leave their identity behind when they choose to enter residential care. Side by Side made official selection for the Heart of Gold Film Festival 2011, is used regularly as a training aid in the industry and won the Total Aged Services award for excellence 2009. This film was made in conjunction with David Brown Films.

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“Self Life not Shelf Life” 45 minutes. This documentary showcases positive images of ageing through an exploration of the passion in peoples lives as they get older. Insightful and inspirational to people of all ages, engaging yet extraordinarily funny, cheeky and provocative. As people age, what causes them to maintain their passion, what interests do they have, what have they learnt about life and what makes them tick. The story combines over a thousand years of collective experience and wisdom and will leave the audience yearning for more. The film made official selection at the Washougal Film Festival in Washington. Made in conjunction with David Brown Films.

documentary-film-maker“The Touched” 35 minutes. This documentary provides a unique glimpse behind the walls of Maiti Nepal, an institution created by Anuradha Koirala (CNN hero 2011) to give shelter and strength to Nepalese women who escaped the brothels of Mumbai, Delhi and the Middle East. Some of these women were as young as eight when they were forced to work in the brothels, this happens to thousands of girls every year. Three artists from Australia went to Kathmandu to help the women paint the walls of the institution with images of colour and beauty. As the mural unfolds, the lives of the women in the hospice is revealed and their stories are told, sharing their attitudes to life and hopes for the future. It is a story of courage and survival in the face of seemingly impossible odds. This film was produced in conjunction with Anne Rittman and Rae Hart.

growing-abundance“Growing Abundance” Castlemaine Local Food Guide launch.

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